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When you need a home remodeling project done, your largest asset, your home, should only be entrusted to a qualified, reputable contractor.

Local regulations require that all contractors follow the same rules and meet the same standards, protecting you from poor construction methods and providing you with assurances that your home will be remodeled to certain standards.

In your search for a qualified home remodeling contractor, does the heavy lifting for you. We can match you to a qualified contractor in your area that can take your project from the planning stage through to completion, to your satisfaction.

In addition, consumers should also do some homework on their own to insure that they have checked all resources to find a qualified contractor and to get a fair quote on the work to be done. Most problems occur when consumers fail to investigate contractors carefully before hiring them.

Solicit two or three bids for the work you need; do not automatically accept the lowest.

Beware of an unusually low bid or low advertised price. The contractor has to be able to afford to pay for labor, materials and overhead.

Make sure all bids are based on the same set of plans and specifications.

Discuss the bids in detail with the contractor to make sure you understand the reasons for any variations in price.

Ask each contractor for their insurance certificate to verify general liability insurance, current workers' compensation, and property damage and personal liability insurance in case of accidents.

Make sure the contractor has a permanent business location.

Always insist on a written contract, change orders, and a building permit.

Check to see that the contractor has a good reputation with local banks and suppliers.

Call the Better Business Bureau to find out how long the company has been in business and whether there are any unresolved complaints against the firm registered with either.

Ask your contractor about the quality of their work. Do they build to code?

Incorporate any warranties, guarantees or other promises in your written contract.

Select a contractor you are comfortable with and with whom you can communicate easily.
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