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Things to Consider Before Remodeling That Kitchen or Bathroom

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Kitchen and bathroom remodeling

Written by: Aurora T. Graff

Kitchen's and Bathrooms are the two most often remodeled rooms in homes. They are also the two most expensive rooms to remodel so before you begin remodeling that kitchen or bathroom there are a few things you may want to consider.

First and foremost you need to ask yourself if that kitchen or bathroom needs to be completely remodeled or just needs an inexpensive face lift. Will remodeling the kitchen or bathroom in any way improve the functionality of the room or is it simply for cosmetic reasons that you are considering the improvements.

The second thing you need to consider is what is the amount of money you actually have to spend on the improvements for this room? Once you know how much you can reasonably afford to spend then the next thing you need to consider is what you can accomplish on the budget you have set. There is nothing worse than starting a remodeling job only to leave a room unfinished because you simply do not have the money to complete the task. Consider what improvements you can actually complete for the money you have and then decide if those improvements are enough.

Next, you need to consider what improvements will give you the most bang for buck. Do you really need to pull out those cabinets and purchase new ones or will a good coat of paint and new hardware do the same job for less? Will an overlay counter top be cheaper than removing the old counter top or maybe refinishing the counter top you have really be the best option? Knowing how to make your money stretch the furthest is really important unless you have an unlimited remodeling budget.

Another thing you might want to consider is how much of the work you can actually do on your own? If you have the time and the skill to do at least some of the basic work yourself, you may be able to save a great deal of money on those kitchen or bathroom improvements. Perhaps, you can get a friend to help do some of the work in exchange for your help on their next big project. Do what you can to keep costs at a minimum to help bring that home improvement project in under budget.

Most people have their own ideas of what they want their ideal kitchen or bathroom to look like, but you have to remember that sometimes you are going to have to compromise between that ideal room would like and the reality of what you can actually achieve.

Aurora T. Graff has been living in Herradura Costa Rica for 10 years. She is a professional home architect and part time writer about remodeling and house design.


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