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Transforming Your Basement Into a Functional Room

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Function Home Basement

Written by: Stephanie Stevens

The basement is the one area of the house that gets the least attention from most least when it's about home remodeling. Regardless of how lavish their decor might be in their living rooms, bedrooms, and other rooms of the house, most people typically leave their basements looking like some unfinished storage area, one that is too dark and too dreary to be functional.

However, what many don't realize is that it takes so little (money-wise and time-wise) to convert an unused basement into a functional room. Oftentimes, all that is required is to apply a fresh coat of paint to the walls and clear up the clutter a little bit. The result is a space that can be used in a variety of ways. Of course, you need to realize that basements tend to be humid places so if you decide to install new flooring, avoid wall-to-wall carpeting or wood parquet; instead stick with ceramic tile or cork flooring. It is also a good idea to invest in a good dehumidifier.

Basement Entertainment Room with Pool Table

Transform Your Basement into a Soundproof Entertainment Room

You can transform your basement into a soundproof entertainment room. Most basements have very low ceilings and maybe one or two very small windows, limiting the amount of natural light that get through. These features make the basement the perfect place to set up your media room. You can set up a home entertainment system complete with surround sound. Install a large screen plasma TV and even put up a small bar for serving drinks and popcorn and you've got a great entertainment room. You don't even have to worry about seating because of the basement's natural cozy environment. You, your family, and friends can simply plop down on cushions, large pillows, or beanie bags on the floor and you are all set for movie night or Monday night football.

Transform Your Basement into a Hobby Room

The basement also makes for a good hobby room. What's your passion? Music? Painting? Writing? Toy trains? Wood crafts? No matter what your passion is, the basement is an excellent place where you can freely express yourself. The basement delivers complete privacy; it isn't a place where people pass by all the time. Thus, you can have all the peace and quiet you need. If you transform your basement into a hobby room, you can leave your hobby stuff wherever you want them without others complaining about your mess. And if your hobby involves a lot of noise that not everyone can appreciate (e.g., practicing with your band or rehearsing your clarinet solo), you can make the basement soundproof. This way you can carry on with your rehearsals without making the rest of your family and the neighbors want to pull their hair out.

Transform Your Basement into a Guest Room or Bedroom

The basement makes an excellent spare bedroom for when you have guests staying the night. If you often have friends and relatives visiting, you can have them stay in the basement. On the one hand, they save money by not having to pay for a hotel room, and on the other hand, you can spend more time with them during their visits. The basement can give them the privacy they need. If your basement is spacious, you can even divide it into separate rooms either by installing wall panels or simply putting up dividers. If you don't often have guests staying overnight, you can convert the basement into a bedroom for an older child.

Transform Your Basement into a Home Office

Do you have a home-based business? Perhaps you work for a company and you frequently have to do overtime work at home or your employer lets you work from home one or two days out of the week. The basement is the perfect home office for you. When you have a separate area for your work, you can more easily and clearly draw the line between your work life and personal life. As a result, it will make your daily routine more organized and manageable. However, if you do decide to transform your basement into a home office, make sure you put additional lighting and ventilation to make the area more conducive to work.

If you have a basement, convert it to a functional room. Don't waste all that space. Whether you are looking to add a new bedroom or wanting to have your own home office, consider all that basement space.

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