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Signs Your Bathroom Needs An Update

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Written by: Kyle OBrien

Lately, for me anyway, it seems like people are putting more time and attention to making sure their bathroom is, above all else, the cleanest room in the entire house. I don't know, maybe it's because of the fear of judgements from guests, overly sensitive to germs or hey, maybe you just like a spotless bathroom.

But it seems no matter what we do - going overboard on Pine-Sol, practically sanding the countertops bare of any flim, etc. - there are certain areas that will begin to fade and possibly cause all sorts of problems down the road. Believe me. It's happened to every bathroom I've resided over.

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There are many areas of the bathroom that require attention to every now and then. Some repairs are simply done with some soap and a scrubber, while other daunting tasks may need help from a contractor or enough time on the side should you choose the DIY route. Knowing exactly when to update is key because getting to the most problematic areas as quick as possible can save damages to other parts of the home.

Here are a few ways to help determine it might be time for a makeover:

Visual Appeal: The most obvious way to tell if your baththroom needs polishing is by the look alone.  Little clues like fading porcelain in the bathtub surround, soap scum that's pretty well set in and chips or cracks are definite indicators. For instance, old bathtubs might lose that slippery sheen and it feels like you're standing on rugged areas. Tiles might be completely encased in everything from shampoo to soap water and subsequently fade out in the process.

Bently bathroom wall system

Rusting: This can refer to various areas of the bathroom. The sinks might be corroded with lime or the countertop might have water residue. Toothpaste sediment or other chemiclals may be embedded pretty well into the marble or stone. There's a number of ways for rust to sprout up in the bathroom, and when it does you'd better hope rust-defeating products are put to use quickly or that aesthetical appeal everyone loves may be chipping away soon enough.

The Walls Have Eyes: For those that love their designer wallpaper, they'd better keep a good eye on it over the years. Steam from the shower can slip in between wallpaper slits, causing a bubbling effect that could spread throughout entire sections. Wallpaper trims can easily fall victim to this and if it does, I'd consider doing away with wallpaper altogether and think in terms of a sanded wall with a select paint coat.

And that's just the start of a home remodeling project for your bathroom. By keeping your bathroom up to par, you'll not only be caring for one of the most frequented spots in your home, but will walk away with the satisfaction that comes with finishing any home improvements in Ohio.

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