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Types of Cabinets for Your Home

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Types of cabinet doors for your kitchens

Written by: Stephanie Stevens

Choosing kitchen cabinets can be extremely exciting. After saving for years, you are finally able to afford to remodel your kitchen! Before making a choice, though, there are a number of factors that should be considered.

As is the case with most products, the most inexpensive items are often also the most cheaply manufactured. With this in mind, most consumers should rule out the least expensive cabinets if they are looking for cabinets that will last for years to come. In addition, the most expensive cabinets are also often priced higher more for the brand name than for the quality. Thus, the best fit for most homeowners are kitchen cabinets in the mid-price range.

One of the least important factors is the hardware that comes with the kitchen cabinets. If you love everything but the hardware, you should likely still buy the product. Drawer knobs and pulls are available in almost every style and color conceivable and are relatively inexpensive and easy to install.

Another consideration is the type of cabinets you purchase. Custom-made cabinets will certainly provide exactly what you are looking for, but be prepared to pay the price for these. In contrast, stock cabinets do not provide the benefit of customization, but can easily cost 50% less than custom cabinets. With modern technology, there is often a wide variety of options, with the quality being surprisingly good. The last type of cabinet available is semi-custom cabinets. These are not built for your specific kitchen, but may be modified to do so with a variety of add-ons.

There are a few major types of cabinet door shapes: recessed panel, raised panel, and flat panel door. Recessed panel doors are built with two pieces of wood, with the first layer framed by the second layer. This offers an additional element of dimension. Raised panel doors are available in three main styles: cathedral, square, and arched. This style may be used in traditional, contemporary, and classic kitchen styles. Flat panel doors, also known as slab doors, appear to be manufactured from one single piece of wood.

Cabinets are also available in a variety of finishes. Those that have chosen cabinets built of real wood should choose a simple stain or varnish to maintain the appearance of the wood grain. High pressure laminates are also available and may be decorated almost any way. This type of finish has the ability to withstand damage due to the processing method. Melamine is also available, used most commonly for shelves and cabinet frames. Lastly, thermofoil has a visually interesting glossy sheen but cannot be easily repaired if damaged, in contrast to the other types of finishes.

In considering kitchen cabinets, also think about your specific needs. Do you have appliances that you prefer not to be seen, such as a toaster, trash compacter, or coffee maker? Would you like your trash can to be hidden from plain sight? There are solutions available from cabinet manufacturers to address these issues and more.

Taking into account the above considerations will start you well on your way to choosing kitchen cabinets perfect for your home!

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