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How to Get Tax Credits for Roof Replacement

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Roofing Tax Credits

Written by: Stephanie Stevens

The Internal Revenue Service allows homeowners to apply for a tax credit after making energy-efficient home improvements. Roof replacement, in some cases, can improve the energy efficiency of a home and may qualify for a tax credit.

An IRS Form 5695 is required to apply for the credit and must be submitted with your annual tax return. Once the IRS has evaluated your IRS Form 5695, you will receive a tax credit if your new roof meets the appropriate requirements.

Here is a direct link to Form 5695:

Steps to Getting the Tax Credit

Step 1: Replace the roof on your main residence with materials that meet IRS criteria for energy-efficient homes. According to the IRS, metal roofs with specially pigmented coatings designed to reflect sunlight and asphalt roofs that contain cooling granules are acceptable.

Step 2: Gather the receipts for the supplies and labor on your new, energy-efficient roof.

Step 3: Complete IRS Form 5695. You may only apply for a residential tax credit using IRS Form 5695. Include your name and Social Security number, as well as the precise dollar amount you spent on your new roof.

Step 4: Attach IRS Form 5695 to your federal tax return. File both forms with the IRS on or before the filing deadline. Include copies of your receipts for verification. After you file the two tax forms, the IRS will evaluate your claim. If your claim is substantiated, you will receive the tax credit with your return.

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