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Which Type of Siding Works Best For Your Home

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Written by: Kyle OBrien

Exterior home improvement projects such as siding is a matter of sorting through various siding options, their appearance and performance. Some homeowners may prefer installing wooden siding because of it's aesthetic appeal while others may lean towards seamless siding because maintenance costs may be slightly less of a burden. Ultimately, the power of choice and necessity can be the determining factor.

If you're on the fence about one type or simply don't have enough information with siding in general, I've compiled a list of nearly every siding option available, detailing certain strengths and differences against each other.

Wooden Siding: Out of all the types of siding, wooden siding has been around the longest. Most often linked to cabin style homes or lodges, certain versions can be traced back to beginner homes from early America. Homeowners can pick from a variety of wood: cedar, pine, redwood - to name a few. Not only are they highly weather resistant, but the shingles give off the sense of darker, earthy tones when wet.

The only setbacks associated with wooden siding is more maintenance. This isn't a once-a-year project but more along the lines of every 8-10 years. This shouldn't dissuade you from going with it because any repairs may end up only being individual shingles versus the entire siding itself.

Vinyl Siding: Found on nearly 30% of U.S. homes, vinyl siding is a popular choice because it's relatively cost-effective, can be imagined through numerous color types and designs, holds up well against year-round weather and has good energy efficiency scores to help keep your home properly insulated. It doesn't have more of a "natural" feeling that wooden siding offers, but it holds its own very well in the end.

Beautiful home vinyl siding

Steel Siding: Arguably considered one of the most durable forms of siding against its cousin forms of aluminum and corrugated metal, steel siding appeals to homeowners because of its superior resistance to weather. Whether it's insulating well against harsher, colder climates or that it's material is non-combustible, steel siding can be a valued commodity because it's composed of much thicker metal.

Cement Board Siding: Starting to see a theme here? Cement board siding is also pretty advantageous to residents because they hold up very well against fire, insect damage from termites, rotting and other elements. Homeowners can pick and choose from two options: pre-primed or pre-colored.  And if one wants, they could have both options melded together. With such a stellar durability record too its name, that essentially means very few, if any, maintenance costs.

And that's just a beginner's course on siding. The main thing to take away from this is that siding is versatile, durable and has enough of that aesthetic appeal to help homeowners find which type is the most suitable. Because like most any home improvement project, it's a choice that shouldn't be rushed.

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