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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you verify the contacts first?

Yes, We call every contact and attempt to talk to the homeowner about the project.

How are contacts generated with and how can I receive my leads?

We connect with home owners by advertising your products and services through our network of websites. As contacts are generated from our website in your selected areas for your selected products, each consumer contact will then be sent to you via email, fax or text or all three methods if you wish.  You receive your the information immediately after they are generated and verified.

What does your service cost?

Our charge per project connection depends on the job type as well as what promotion we may have running at the time.

How do I pay for my leads? accepts all major credit cards. And offers billing and invoicing to pre-qualified clients.

Do you have a credit back policy?

Yes, The list below is what we consider to be bad leads

1) Bad contact information (i.e. invalid phone number)
2) Duplicate leads.
3) Relative or child filled out form without homeowner's knowledge.
4) The prospect does not speak English or does not reside in the USA.
5) The prospect is a renter or currently does not own the property.
6) The individual is a do it yourselfer and just wants material to perform the work.

All bad contacts must be reported within 20 business days.

In the case of a bad lead how and when am I refunded?

Bad leads are reviewed by our credit department and refunded on a case by case basis. Once a lead has been determined as bad by you will be refunded by the money being credited back to your credit card account. This process takes 7-10 business days.

How do you decide if I get credit for a lead?

We recall the homeowner and verify your concern with the lead whether it be a renter or do it yourselfer, we interview the customer to determine what happened on the conversation between the two of you. We also make sure there was no misunderstanding of what the customer was looking for.

When I have an issue am I automatically routed through a phone tree or to a voicemail?

No, we attempt to answer every phone call as it comes in within our regular business hours Monday-Friday 7:00AM PST-4:00PM PST.  If we do miss your call we will get back to you via phone or email within 24 hours to assist you with your questions or concerns.

Are these projects exclusive?

No lead can ever be guaranteed exclusive, the customer has too many options these days in contacting contractors. There are other websites, referral services, the telephone book, friends, relatives, etc. No one can guarantee you that the customer has not already or is planning on contacting another contractor. If you are paying more for an "exclusive' lead, you're probably paying too much. As far as our service, we will only contact 3 contractors at most, if we have that many in the area for that particular product request.

What if I don't get an appointment?

We do not guarantee an appointment, we only can do our best to make sure that the customer we are sending you is interested in getting an estimate from you. As we all know, customers change their mind and have sign up remorse sometimes. That's why we call the customer prior to sending it your way, in an attempt to verify their sincerity.

Is there a sign up fee for your program?

No, there is no initiation fee for our standard program.

Is there any deposit or reserve needed?

No, you will not be charged any money on the standard program until we send you a lead.

Is there a contract with a minimum time requirement?

No, you can cancel our service with no penalty at any time.

Is there a processing fee for returning leads?

Not at this time, if a contact is deemed bad by we will refund the entire price to the credit card it was initially billed to. This process takes 7-10 business days.

Do you offer a preview program on

Not at this time. In our experience the delays that occur during the time the customer signs up and the contractors make their requests this can lead to a lower quality of the leads. I.E. The customer is not contacted promptly by a company, and the customer then signs up at other websites.

Do you advertise my company info on your website?

Yes, we have a directory that customers can go to and view your company information, including pictures of your work (if provided), as well as rate and review your company after their project is completed.