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Additions & Remodeling

RemodelPros Additions & Remodeling Contractors

Additions & Remodeling

Having a room, or several rooms added onto your home, or remodeling an existing room, presents numerous benefits for you to enjoy. So many homeowners find that as their families increase their needs for space and versatility, having major, or minor, renovations becomes a necessity.

The potential benefits associated with room additions:

  • You can increase the available living space in your home;
  • Your single room addition can be used to accommodate a new baby, a budding adult college student, and elderly family member that needs looking after or even a house servant like a maid or butler;
  • An addition to your existing structure will allow you to set up an office to run your home business out of;
  • Many homeowners like to add on theatre rooms, billiard rooms, lounge rooms, laundry rooms, libraries and more;
  • An extra bathroom in the home, especially for busy families, is always very nice;
  • And, additions don't have to be rooms at all - at least not the traditional type. You can add on a sunroom or patio room as well;

Major remodeling and renovations:

Having your bathroom, kitchen or basement majorly renovated adds fresh new life to your entire home. Many homeowners have looked at the same drab rooms for years - and it's depressing! Also, a basement that has set damp and empty, year after year, can be overhauled to create an entirely new living/working area.

Minor remodeling and renovation tasks:

You do not necessarily need to have a major remodel performed on your rooms. Many times, minor renovations yield major improvements. Consider all of the following and how your home would be enhanced:

  • Installation of new cabinetry;
  • Refacing or refinishing existing cabinetry;
  • Having built in furniture installed;
  • Installation of new replacement windows;
  • Having that scraped, dented and hole-filled drywall repaired;
  • Application of new paints in stains on interior home surfaces;
  • Application of faux painting techniques;
  • Switching out the base molding, crown molding and other finished trim carpentry in your home;
  • Having a new system of stairs and railings created;
  • And the list goes on!

There are so many ways to benefit from room additions, major room renovation projects and minor remodeling projects as well. The possibilities are limitless and your enjoyment will likewise be unbound.