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RemodelPros Carpet Contractors

Discount Home Carpet

Having new carpet installed in your home, or simply having older carpeting repaired and stretched tautly again, can significantly improve the comfort levels and overall ambiance of your home. New carpeting today comes in such a versatile array of styles, knap lengths, designs, colors and sizes that you are basically unlimited in terms of the possibilities. Further, advanced modern carpet padding provides loads of cushy enjoyment.

Carpet Installation and Replacement

Professional carpeting installers can take that stained and dirty old carpet up out of your house - and all of the odors that are trapped in it as well. They can prep your subfloor areas, install new tack stripping, install the new padding and have your new carpeting laid, stretched, trimmed and ready for its first vacuuming very quickly and efficiently. Years of dirt, pet urine, fleas and more are removed and hauled away. You are left with clean-smelling, stain-resisting, bug-free, beautiful new carpet to enjoy well into the future.

Carpet Repair and Stretching

If you do not find that having your carpet replaced is cost effective presently, then consider having your existing carpeting repaired and/or restretched. You will be satisfyingly surprised to learn that rips and tears can be made to virtually disappear. Further, when your existing carpet is stretched tightly and retrimmed against the walls, it takes on an entire new look and feel - almost as good as new carpeting.

Carpet Cleaning

Never forget the importance of and benefits associated with regular carpet cleaning. Short of having your carpet tore out and replaced, professional steam extraction specialists are able to come in and thoroughly cleanse your carpeting, down to the subfloor, leaving it new-smelling and feeling soft once again. A simple carpet cleaning makes the entire home feel fresher and more luxurious. And of course, sucking up all of those allergens and dirt makes the air that you and your family breathe so much cleaner and healthier.

New carpet installation, carpet repair, carpet stretching and carpet cleaning are services that we all need from time to time. At a very minimum, you should have your carpets steam cleaned once every six months. This will keep them looking and smelling very pleasing for years to come.