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Landscaping Lawn Care

RemodelPros Landscaping Lawn Care Contractors

Landscaping & Lawn Care Services

Proud homeowners are also proud of their well-kept lawns. There are so many creative options available to you in terms of having landscaping features installed, lawn maintenance, sprinkler system installation and more. Go ahead - let your imagination run wild! Whatever landscape design you can dream up can be created for you down to the last detail. Professional landscape and lawn maintenance specialists are capable of far more than just cutting your grass.

Installation of landscape features services include:

  • Having trees, shrubs and flowers planted according to your specifications;
  • Having your yard leveled out, aerated, fertilized and deweeded;
  • Having grass and/or ivy planted;
  • Having all of your beautiful plants mulched;
  • Having a fish pond or water garden installed;
  • Having various brick and stone features added;
  • Having creative exterior lighting systems installed;
  • And more!

Landscape Maintenance and Grass Mowing

Once all of your landscape features are in place, then you need to have them maintained regularly in order to keep your yard looking its best. It's just nice to have a landscape maintenance specialists show up regularly and take care of the following for you:

  • Grass mowing;
  • Weeding;
  • Mulch maintenance;
  • Lawn raking, blowing and grass removal;
  • Tree and shrub pruning and trimming;
  • Fertilizing;

Lawn and Garden Sprinkler System Installation and Maintenance

And of course, great yards require plenty of fresh water. Having a lawn and garden sprinkling system installed and regularly maintained at your home will ensure that all of your plants thrive consistently. Irrigation systems specialists can provide you with economical and innovative solutions for all of your landscape watering needs.

Enjoy your home more than ever by maintaining a meticulously manicured landscape!