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Interior Exterior Painting Services

A fresh coat of paint or stain brightens the world around you and makes everything seem nicer! It's true. Few home improvement services create such dramatic differences in aesthetic and monetary value. And, painting and staining services for the inside and outside of your home are likely to be more affordable than you might think.

Exterior Painting and Staining

It's simply incredible to witness the overall enhancement of your home, barn or outbuilding after it has been freshly repainted. It's not just as simple as slapping the paint on the walls though; most of the work comes in the preparation. Exterior painting and staining services include:

  • Scraping the old paint away and cleaning up the mess that it creates;
  • Masking off windows, hinges, doors, and all other accessory items that you do not want paint to get on;
  • Repair of wood siding;
  • Preparation of all metal to be painted by sanding and priming;
  • Applying sealant beads to protect from the weather in all necessary locations;
  • Protecting flowers, shrubs and trees and pulling them away from the structure to be painted;
  • Setting up ladders and scaffolding if needed;
  • Application of the paint or stain;
  • Applying a second coat when necessary;
  • A comprehensive cleanup of the entire site;

Interior Painting and Staining

Interior painting and staining services are slightly less complex than the exterior type. However, meticulous attention to detail still must be paid while performing the following:

  • All necessary repairs to drywall and plaster;
  • Protecting the various types of flooring that may be present;
  • Masking off all trim, window casings, cabinetry, countertops, chandeliers, ceiling fans appliances, furniture and all other items where paint is not desired;
  • Application of the paint or stain;
  • Applying a second coat when necessary;
  • Comprehensive cleanup;

Drywall Installation

Drywall installation and/or repair services are also offered by most professional painting contractors. It just comes with the territory. Having glass-smooth wall surfaces that are properly prepped for painting or staining is integral to the successful completion of the overall project.

Bring your home alive again both inside and out with fresh paint or stain!