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RemodelPros Siding Contractors

Home Siding Options

Hiring a professional siding contractor to install or repair the siding on your home will enhance your home's beauty and its ability to effectively protect you from the weather. Modern siding materials provide cost-effective, innovative solutions that can be installed quite quickly. A professional team of siding installers, with appropriate ladders, walk planks and scaffolding when necessary, can perform their services on an average-sized house in just a couple of days.

Vinyl Siding Installation and Repair Services:

By far the most popular type of siding today, vinyl siding presents excellent value and ease of installation. Tough, custom-colored vinyl siding is excellent for the following benefits:

  • Providing an affordable siding option;
  • Smoothing out wavy walls on older homes;
  • Yielding the appearance of natural wood siding for a fraction of the costs;
  • Able to be installed quickly and efficiently;
  • Able to be simplistically unzipped and repaired in specific locations in the event of damages;

Wood Siding Installation and Repair Services:

Wood siding installation yields natural beauty and long-lasting durability to your home. Custom wood siding installers need to be excellent carpenters and provide meticulous attention to all details of the job. Wood siding is an upscale product that is considerably pricier than vinyl siding.

Fiber Cement Siding Installation and Repair:

Rugged fiber cement siding provides a siding solution of the highest durability. Fiberglass particles are pressed together in a concrete solution and then cured to produce planks that will endure all weather types for decades and decades. When screwed into place properly, this option is unmatched in maintenance-free dependability.

Siding Accessories:

And don't forget that there are plenty of custom siding accessories available to you in today's innovative markets. Specialized products for covering exterior electrical outlets, garden hose hookups, dryer vent covers and more are all available.

When ordering your siding, always remember to get a little extra. After years pass and you find yourself in need of material for repairs, it's often very difficult for your contractor to find an exact matching product.

Beautify your home and protect your investment with new vinyl, wood or cement fiber siding!